Summer has been the best! We have had a ton of adventures, travel, beach days, camping, and outside time. We really just have been on the go 24/7 and I think we are all exhausted…or maybe I am just exhausted. Here is some of what we have done and what I would and wouldn’t recommend with two little ones:


  • Plane rides with two little children are very challenging and really think about your flight times (once we nailed the times and once we failed big time!)


  • Beach’s are the best activity with little people and you need minimal items to take with you (shovel and pail)…and you can see them forever so it is hard for them to run away


  • Shopping with two little kids is the worst activity ever….as my two year old says ‘I HATE SHOPPING’


  • Going to other people’s homes that aren’t kid friendly is not the best idea as you will never actually have a conversation with the people you are visiting…instead you will sound like a crazy person who continually just says ‘NO – don’t touch that!’


  • Visiting family or having family visit is great as they will think that your kid is amazing and will want to play/hold them…this however does not last forever and you usually have to deal with them when they get cranky or hangry


  • When booking camping trips…pray for sunshine…this did not happen for us. The good thing, however is that little kids don’t really care if it is raining or not…it just makes for a lot more work for you dealing with an extra layer and mud


  • Having to dress your kids in minimal clothing (or any at all) is so much easier then multiple layers…can’t it be summer for just a bit longer

Fall is just around the corner and then it will be winter. As we have had the best summer, there hasn’t been much time for blogging or sharing. I have lots in the memory bank to share with everyone that will be coming in the future months. For now, we are going to try and soak up the last few days of sunny weather.