This Monster keeps coming back. We have tried all different ways to get it to stay away but nothing seems to be working. It is not only getting me but the kids and my husband as well. The grandparents too!

This Monster is being sick. We have had more sickness in our house over the last 6 months then we have ever had. Everything from the common flu to vomit to our second round of Pink Eye. I am very much over it! I know, I know….my son is in daycare and that is what happens but this time as I sit here writing with a goopy eye and a serious lack of sleep this Monster needs to go away. Trying to manage a sick toddler that is super grumpy and has no energy is not only challenging but heartbreaking and a baby who is waking up every hour as she just can’t get comfortable. I thought we turned a corner with the weather getting nicer but nope not for this family.

I am trying to stay positive and hoping that we will all be healthy again soon but until then this house is on quarantine and we are driving ourselves a bit crazy!