Starting next month my husband is taking ten weeks of paternity leave and I’m heading back to work to complete a time-sensitive project for a client I love working with. It still means that by the end of the ten weeks I’ll have two months left of leave, so it’s a lovely way for Darren to spend time with Ella and for me to see what it’s like spending some time away from her – I am just so grateful our system in Canada works this way.

When my husband told his boss, he was a little shocked but then pulled Darren aside and said if he’d had the opportunity back in the day he would have done it too. It feels a little weird in 2017 to say that he’s a trailblazer in his place of work, but it’s true – go Darren.

When I ask him if he’s apprehensive about anything he says no – it’s going to be awesome. One of the many things I love about my husband is the way he takes things in his stride. Every day I send him pictures of Ella but sometimes I forget. I then get a text asking for the daily pic because it’s what gets him through the day without her. He works 10-hour days, so he only sees her at bedtime for about half an hour. Hearing him splash around with her in the bath makes my heart swell – even if she’s starting to get sleep grumpy. When I probe a little deeper, he’s most anxious about going to the library by himself and feeling like the odd one out. What I don’t think he realizes the moms will embrace a lovely dad like him.

What am I anxious about? Missing my little girl. I feel like we just got our groove on at six months of age. Naps seem to be more regular, she can sit up, loves her food, and giggles at most things you do. The sun is also coming out which means getting around is a lot easier than lugging all the winter gear. However, I keep reminding myself that it’s not quantity, but quality time that I want with Ella. I am a better person all round if I’ve had time to flex my creative muscles at work, and the best part is I get to come home to a gorgeous little lady who’s happy to see me. Oh yeah, and Darren of course!