As Mother’s Day in Canada is just around the corner, I was reflecting on my mom and mother in-law. I am a new mom and often feel like I am a fish out of water, however I have two amazing ladies to look up to. Both my husband and I have very special relationships with our mothers and mother in-laws (we even live with my mom!). Oma and Nana are the best grandmother’s that any grandchild could ask for…they spoil them in just the right ways.

I feel especially fortunate to have my parents living with us. My mom is a super mom and always has been. She has always been there to pick me up from my many school activities, listen to my many stresses, and supports me with my children. She always puts her children, grandchildren and their friends first. As many know, she is the best gift giver, always has a baked good ready to eat, and is there to listen.

My husband and I have lived in light speed mode since we met. We met less than six years ago, married, bought a house, had our son, sold that house and bought another house, and had our daughter. My mother in-law lives in the UK and has watched this all happen very quickly and has been an amazing support throughout. Even though we live very far apart, I feel very close and so fortunate that she is a big part of our lives. Isn’t FaceTime the best! She is there whenever I need her and supports us on all our crazy projects and adventures. She is amazing with all of her grandchildren and knows more songs and nursery rhythms then anyone.

Family is the most important thing in my life and I couldn’t be more thankful to the two mom’s that are the rocks, caregivers, advice givers, and so much more. I hope I can come close to being the type of mom you two have been to your children and grandchildren.

Happy Mother’s Day to all the mom’s out there – the new and the veterans!