The struggle is real.

What is this ‘mom’ struggle that we all seem to have? I have it, I know the other Mountain Mom’s have it. Is it a real thing? I believe it is. Our world changes so much in an instant. All of a sudden you have this little human being that is relying on you for everything.

It is something that doesn’t happen to anyone else. In our family, I know that my husband feels that it has all changed for him and in many ways it has but to be honest it is still not the same as for the mom.

Our bodies change after having a baby. Our bodies are amazing for being able to carry a child and give birth, however I can tell you that my boobs will never be the same (well unless some major work is done on them) and that is just the start! I have been either pregnant, recovering from giving birth or breastfeeding for almost three years. I wonder if my body will ever be close to what it was….will I ever be fit again? I see other mom’s out there that have done it but at this stage I can’t imagine that this body of mine will ever be the same again.

Besides the actual physical changes…hormones are an even crazier thing. Often my rational thinking goes out the window. Why can’t I keep a proper conversation with someone? I second guess my ability to be a parent, a partner, an employee, and a everyday living human. I am sure that not only hormones but lack of sleep contributes to this. Please mind….come back to me and stop struggling with the basics.

On top of all that I feel that I have the sole responsibility of these two little ones. I know this isn’t true. My husband is more then capable in taking care of them but I often feel that more falls on me (granted I am currently on maternity leave and he is working full time). I am the one that notices if the diapers or wipes are getting low….planning and prepping dinner….doing the laundry…and of course wiping a never ending runny nose. The mom list is never ending and it is a mom struggle for me that I just can’t seem to get control of.

This ‘mom’ struggle is real and I think it will be an ever changing challenge. A challenge I know I am up for it but hope that in the future I will wake up feeling that I have conquered some of this ‘mom’ struggle.